Don't Fuck With Our Dreams

by The Smith Street Band

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released August 9, 2013



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Track Name: Ducks Fly Together
I got dry blood caked on my feet
I got dye and dirt all over me
I got twelve bucks, got ciggies
But I've had good luck and I'm happy
You woke me up before your plane left
I helped you find your stuff, you kissed my forehead
We trashed my room, broke my bed
But I've had good luck and I'm happy.

And I miss you but it feels good this way
Let’s fall in love somewhere that you'll wanna stay
I miss you but it’s nice for a change and
You can always stay.

And we're as happy as ducks in a storm drain
Somewhere off Dynon Road swimming in the rain
You asked me if I was self-conscious
I said ‘Of course I am,’ you took my clothes off.
And I was so scared to talk to your friends
Pretended that I was a real person
Trying to remember names, smiling and nodding
But I couldn't kick the grin from when you'd gone and kissed me quickly in the kitchen.

It’s cool, you can crash in my room while I'm away.
Track Name: Bigger Than Us
Did you ever stop to think that maybe we were right?
That these antiquated ventures had finally run out of time
And maybe with a little hope and a dash of self-esteem
We can start something that our little world has never seen
Because complaining isn't changing and knowledge it means nothing
If you use it to complain about how nothing changes.

Let's start something bigger than us
You can do more than you were ever taught.

So today I won't get old, just spend some time alone, talk to friends who listen
‘Cause last night we tried something and it worked
Beat anything I ever bought, sold or rehearsed
And when I tell you all I love you fuck I couldn't mean it more
‘Cause you know that I'd be dead now if it wasn't for these chords.

There are more open doors now than there have ever been
So let 'em close, and jump out the window with me.
Worst case scenario, we land hand in hand on the street
But imagine if we flew how beautiful we'd let that be.