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No One Gets Lost Anymore

by The Smith Street Band

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released July 4, 2011


all rights reserved


Track Name: I Ain't Safe
In the warehouse district where the air smells like tyres,
Lights make the sky look like a constant sunrise.
We walked that one night as everything wore off,
Following the river that never once got me lost.
We talked empty band rooms and sold out shows,
With my fingers in the safest hands I know,
And as the familiar click of the front door as it closed,
Assured me I was home.

And if this becomes routine that's fine with me.

Darling I ain’t safe but I'm getting there.
I'm as happy here as anywhere.
And if this becomes routine that's fine with me.
'Cause I can't think of better company not to sleep.

And the smell of running water sings me to sleep now.
We've all slept under bridges darling don't you look so fucking proud.
And from thehardwood floor on the East coast that swallowed us whole,
To the mansion out West where we had what we stole,
To down South, where the pills almost killed me,
To that little slice of paradise a few hours from Sydney.
Thanks for the shows, the beds and the smiles,
We're only ever staying a night, we always stay a little while,
And now this East coast is home to all of us,
But if anyone could put me up tonight that would be glorious.

And if this becomes routine that's fine with me.
'Cause I can't think of better company not to sleep.

And so I'll sit and suck this sitting city dry,
For that perfect pretty sitting city high.
When everything melts and your legs turn to glue.
Until then I'll sit alone and toast the view,
and I'll light your cigarettes for you.
Track Name: When I Was a Boy I Thought I Was a Fish
Walking back to my house the morning after the sugar cube and the heavens opened up and drowned the heat.
With the trace elements tickling my spine, I took my shoes off and danced in puddles on the sudden downpour ghost town street.

Hello, my name is Wil and I slept through the millennium but what I wouldn't give to be young, dreaming and ten again.
It’s New Years 2009, with what's in my system I won't be sleeping for a long time.
And when I was a boy, I thought I was a fish and I still love the ocean like when I was a kid,
But lately I have come to the conclusion, that I'm disappointingly probably human.
And I've come a long way from those amphibious days and I'd like to thank the things I've seen, the friends that I've made,
All the people that have hurt me, the times that I've been saved and to music, which has made me its most obliging slave.
There's blood on this guitar, there's sweat between these keys, when I step forward to the mic it’s with my tail between my knees,
But we aren't here to fight, we are here to dance.

And then the summer crept up like only a Melbourne summer can.
We ducked back in our alleys and pretended to hate our tans.
And told each other one day, we'd all look back and smile,
While knowing that we've been drinking ourselves to sleep for a long time.
And now we're back at work and we're working on those numbers.
They're getting us in our sleep, we're having nightmares in our slumber,
About the dealers and the overheads we're going to have to pay.
Just pass out. It’s a job for another day.

And last night I kissed a girl that I met in a bar, which seems momentous given how things are.
We made out all morning then slept in the afternoon and she said, "Wil, I think that I can deal with you."
And I never found the right way to say thanks to Alex for keeping my head screwed on.
For telling me when I was wrong, even though I've known all along.
It’s time to clean up, start a band, get back on the road again. Stay sober and appreciate my friends.
So I'd like to say thank you to every single one of you for everything.

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